This entire process (called dressing the loom) can take from 1-5 hours depending on the size of the warp. After the loom is dressed then the weaver can begin weaving the piece. When the piece is finished then it is taken off of the loom and the edges must be finished to prevent the piece from unweaving. Once the piece is off of the loom and the edges have been finished, the pieces can be washed, dried and enjoyed by all.

1. Design – purpose for item, pattern, fiber choice, color choice, and measurements.
                                  **25 inch fabric width in standard tabby pattern/weave.**

2. Winding the warp yarns onto the warping board in the color and design order.

60 inch long warp thread – 40 min to wind

3. Winding the warp yarns from the warping board to the warp beam.


10-15 mi

4. Threading each warp yarn through the heddles.

12 threads per inch – 1 ½ hour

 5. Threading each warp yarn through the slot of the reed.


 6. Tying the yarns to the front rod.


20 – 25 min to tie on                                                     
*aprox. 3 hours later…..READY TO WEAVE!


                                                                        Fiber Art Terms
 Loom – a frame on which threads are stretched evenly and tightly for weaving the cloth.              
 Warp – the vertical yarns that are attached to the front and the back of the loom.                        
 Weft – the horizontal yarns that the weaver places over and under the warp yarns.                          
 Shuttle – to carry the weft yarns across the warp yarns.                                                            
 Heddle – vertical strips of wire or nylon through which on warp yarn is threaded.                           
 Reed – a “comb” that is attached to the loom beater that the weaver uses to beat the weft into the    

The Process

Sarah Coulter

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