About C2Creations - Sarah   

                                             There has always been a streak of creativeness running through my veins. I took weaving classes in college which

                                             allowed me to harness this creativeness through a lost art form, loom weaving.  I love the challenge of taking the

                                             traditional weaving methods and using them to create modern pieces, bringing an old art form together with the fast

                                             paced modern world. Like life, my fiber art pieces range from the simple to the complex and thought provoking.

 The fiber art pieces are created on multiple harness looms the “traditional way” using an array of fibers and techniques.  When I sit at the loom, after hours of planning and dressing the loom, I am able to fall into a rhythmic trance.  This trance is created by the movement of the feet raising and lowering the harnesses and the shuttles floating back and forth from one hand to the other. 

I wanted to take my creations to the next level in this modern world, so I explored metalsmithing through the local community college. I loved the rawness of the metal and the ability to form it with your hands into whatever the mind could envision. My jewelry is created using traditional metalsmith techniques creating unique settings for my woven pieces, pairing two art forms together in new and unique ways!My inspiration comes from the world around me and the ultimate creator, God. My fiber art pieces express a certain degree of my own thoughts, feelings, and ideas and I invite you, the viewer, to embrace the pieces with your own life experiences and thoughts to make them your own. Enjoy!

- Christ 2 Child  - "C2C" -

Customer Testimonies

"I have two straps and I can't say enough about them. It doesn't get more comfortable for a guitar player." - Eric
"The awareness ribbon that is shown on the website is the awareness ribbon that she made for me. The pictures do her work no justice. I was stunned by the care that was put into the work." -Emily
"Win!" "I have one of those straps and use it all the time. It's wide enough to not dig in, and the loom weave means it stays put and doesn't slide around like a crummy nylon strap. Easy to adjust and much better than any of the store bought straps I have on other guitars."(Custom Guitar Strap) - JP
"Love the new stuff!...especially the wristbands. I think those are really cool." -Matt

If you have any questions about any of my work, pricing, or how to order, please contact me at:
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Public Debut: April 2007 - EIU Celebration of the Arts
December 7 - 20, 2010 - Indi Go co-op, Champaign, IL
Juried Art Shows:  

Aug.2016, 15, 14 Ottawa Arts in the Park, Ottawa, Il
Sept.2016, 15, 14,13,12,11,10,09,08 - Salt Fork Rver Art Festival Sleepy Creek Vineyard - Fairmount, IL

April 2015,14,13,12,11,07- Celebration of the Arts: 
                Eastern Illinois University - Charleston, IL

Summer 2007 - 2015 - Selected Pieces on display at                                     Diamond House B&B Arcola, IL. 
Aug. 2011,10,09,08  - Annual Downtown Festival of                                              the Arts Champaign, IL.

Sept    2008 - Arts Past and Present-150th Lincoln 
                       Douglas Debate - Charleston, IL. 

Spring 2007  - Artists in the Garden -Flower Patch
                       and Diamond House B&B Arcola , IL. 

2003 - Eastern Illinois University-Tarble Arts All Student 
2002- Eastern Illinois University-Tarble Arts All Student 

Awards: Honorable Mention: “Seth and Sarah” 2002 EIU 

                           - Tarble Arts Center All Student Show

Sarah Coulter

C2Creations:Loom Weaving for the Modern World - Loominate Your Style